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I am reinstalling the products under some of the categories due to them unfortunately disappearing.  This will be happening daily for the next week.  Please email me at shona@feltandfibre.co.nz if you unable to find what you are looking for.  




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We sell a variety of products to make all your fibre dreams come true....

Cotton yarn

100% Cotton Carded Ring Spun Yarn

100% Cotton Carded Ring Spun Yarn

Choose between 'Forest', 'Çyclamen' 'Topaz'
Special price per large cone $10
Fine cotton yarn, ideal for machine knitting, crochet, ply together for thicker yarns or use as a core yarn and spinning art yarns. Forest - 13 cones available,
Topaz - 7 cones available, Cyclamen - 13 cones available.

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Included tax 15%

Plus postage and handling charges.

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