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NZD183.00Majacraft - Fusion Engine Carry Bag
The perfect bag to protect & carry your Fusion Engine
NZD190.00Majacraft - Carry Bag
Here are the Majacraft solutions for the care and transport of your spinning wheel. The are both attractive and durable and come in the Majacraft 'green'. They will fit the Rose, Suzie, Suzie Professional, Suzie Alpaca and Little Gem.
NZD290.00Majacraft - Double row Hackle
The double row hackle is great for finer fibres. The pins are at different heights so initial combing can be done on the higher pins before carrying out fine combing with both rows of pins. As is often the case, the time spent in preparation is taken fro
NZD1,465.00Majacraft - Fusion Engine 128TPI
This is the Fusion Engine, Majacraft's amazing drum carder. Majacraft designed this machine to perform exceptionally, and to reduce or eliminate the common carding issues experienced with other drum carders.
NZD1,710.00Majacraft - Aura
The Aura is here! A new way of looking at double drives and a new way of looking at spinning. This wheel is a collaboration between Majacraft and the very accomplished spinner Pluckyfluff.
NZD1,645.00Majacraft - Rose
The Rose is a classic wheel for every spinner. With its spoked wheel and engraved rose motif, it is elegant with a traditional feel. It is super-easy to use and yet still has the ability to carry out any spinning technique you can imagine.
NZD315.00Majacraft - Fusion Drum 72tpi
72tpi fine interchangeable Fusion drum
NZD335.00Majacraft - Fusion Drum 96tpi
Mid range Fusion drum 96tpi
NZD196.00Majacraft - Blending Board 210
The blending board is a tool for producing finely controlled rolags for spinning and batts for felting. Majacraft have used 72 TPI cloth that measures 210mm (8.3") wide by 300mm long (11.8").
NZD1,295.00Majacraft - Suzie
The Suzie is Majacraft's original double-treadle spinning wheel.
NZD1,470.00Majacraft - Suzie Pro
Suzie Professional Wheel
NZD1,330.00Majacraft - Little Gem
Little Gem is the Majacraft folding wheel designed for using while travelling.
NZD82.00Majacraft Carder Drum Bag
Carder Drum Bag
NZD345.00Majacraft - Fusion drum 128tpi
128tpi extrafine interchangable Fusion drum for merino & alpaca fibres

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